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Please help another deaf child prepare for 'big' school

Whilst most children learn to speak by listening to their parents and siblings, Deaf children cannot. And because they don’t associate words with items or actions, they struggle to learn anything.

Making sure they are able to communicate from an early age is crucial. But most parents of deaf children have no idea where to start.

As one mom put it, “In the beginning I found it difficult to know what to do, since I had never met a deaf person before.”

This is where the HI HOPES Deaf Mentor programme is so useful. By introducing the family to a successful deaf person, they are reassured that their child can lead a normal life.

At the same time, we provide support, practical advice, training and the reassurance of knowing that families are not alone. There are people who understand and have the skills and knowledge to help them communicate with their child.

Because it’s so vital, this service is offered to all parents of deaf babies regardless of their ability to pay. But of course, there is a cost involved. And that is why we turn to caring people like you for help.

Please consider making an investment in a deaf child’s life. Your gift of R300 will sponsor a family visit from one of our trained Interventionists, during which a deaf child could be taught a new sign or word ... or her mom could learn new communication techniques to build into their daily routine ... or the family could be helped to make important decisions about their child's future.

You may never meet the little girl or boy who benefits from your kindness. But their life ... and that of their parents ... will change forever because you cared enough.

After going through the HI HOPES programme, Sphe’s parents are so much more positive and hopeful. Language has been established in the home and their little boy can communicate well.

His mom has done so well in learning Sign Language. She uses the Sign Language dictionary and DVD to find words to teach him. Colours were the first thing he learned. Sphe now attends the Durban School for the Hearing Impaired in Amazimtoti, which he loves. In class when the children were learning about colours, he was able to show everyone the sign for each colour.

We’re proud of part we played in helping Sphe get to this stage. But there are other deaf babies just starting out on this journey. Please help us reach out to them too, by making a donation today.

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