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Home Intervention for Deaf Children

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Can your child hear your voice?

Look out for these early warning signs ...

Age Behaviour
Birth Is your child startled by loud noises?
Does your child coo and gurgle?
3 months Does your child smile when spoken to?
Does your child babble?
6 months Does your child turn towards the side where the sound is coming from?
Has your child started experimenting with sound?
9 months - 1 year Does your child look up when you call?
Does your child create "speech-like" sounds with single syllables strung together, da-da-da-da?
1 - 2 years Does your child understand simple phrases?
Does you child have a vocabulary of between 20 and 50 words and use short phrases? "no more" "daddy up"
2 - 4 years Does your child understand conversation easily?
Does your child use 2-3 word sentences?
4 - 6 years Does everyone who knows your child, think he/she hears well?
Is your child able to convey information and ask questions?

If you answered "NO" to any of these questions, it is highly recommended that you seek advice immediately.


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