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Ordinary people, extraordinary love

Not many people are willing to take on the responsibility of welcoming an abandoned baby into their family and raising him as their own. But Wayne and Sue have never faltered in their love for brave little Luc – despite the heartbreak that lies ahead.

Three years ago, when Luc was found abandoned in a ditch by workers, there was no indication that he was anything other than just another sad statistic. Wayne, the workers' employer, decided to take the baby home to his wife while the authorities were contacted.   

Social Services asked the couple if they would look after the little fellow until space could be found at an appropriate home. After a few days Wayne and Sue had bonded so well with this brave little chap, they decided to foster him!

When Luc was 6 months old, they began to suspect that he might have a hearing problem. Their fears were confirmed, and Sue and Wayne went all out to ensure that Luc would get the best amplification and possibly a Cochlear Implant.

It was during the routine MRI scan done for every CI candidate, that the little boy was diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy ALD – a debilitating, degenerative and fatal neuron disease.

No one knows how long Luc will live. But Sue and Wayne are determined to ensure that he gets everything he needs to enjoy a typical, happy and loving childhood – no matter how short it may be.

He received a Cochlear Implant at 15 months and all the relevant support and rehabilitation required. Luc is now 3 and a half years old, attends a pre-school with hearing children and loves to play soccer every Saturday with the 'Little Kickers'.





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