Dedicated to helping Deaf and hard-of-hearing children grow and learn in a world they cannot hear
Home Intervention for Deaf Children

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Referral Process

We work with babies/children from 0-4 years of age. Older children (5-7) are assisted with a different length and type of support.

The child should be referred as soon as hearing loss is confirmed. Level of loss may still need to be diagnosed but we will prepare the family for the testing. We accept children with any kind and degree of hearing loss.

To refer a child in the HI HOPES programme, please call 011 717-3750 and ask to speak to Lizzy, Sel or any other HI HOPES Mentor.

We require the following information:

  • Child's full name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Home Language
  • Mom's, Caregiver's or Guardian's name and contact number
  • Alternative contact name and number
  • Address or area where the child lives
  • Any other relevant infomation regarding the cause of the hearing loss or other challenges the child faces
  • If the level and nature of hearing loss is known, please email a copy of the audiogram to:


Deaf boy



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