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17 new parents will hear these devastating words today in South Africa.

Please help us to help them.

Support from others who care ... people like you ... ensures that our service is freely available to any parent, regardless of their ability to pay – providing them with comfort, support and answers to questions like:

Will my baby ever hear my voice? Will he or she learn to speak? Will he have to wear a hearing aid? ... go to a special school? Will we need to learn Sign Language? And what does the future hold?

How you can help:
There are numerous ways to support HI HOPES. Whichever suits you best, you can be sure that it will be greatly appreciated and will make a real difference in the life of a Deaf or hard of hearing child.

You'll have the satisfaction of knowing that next time a new parent hears this devastating diagnosis, you will be there in spirit to comfort them and offer practical help to ensure their child develops to the full.

Mom and child

Hearing loss is the most common birth defect.

Every day in South Africa, 17 children are born Deaf.

The majority are born to hearing parents, who have no knowledge of hearing loss or Deaf culture.

Late identification – after six months – has serious consequences for the development of the child.

Deaf Mentors
Parent Advisors

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