Dedicated to helping Deaf and hard-of-hearing children grow and learn in a world they cannot hear
Home Intervention for Deaf Children

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In grateful recognition of generous support

The donations we received up until the end of 2014 were hearwarming and we are extremely grateful to the following donors:



African Bank

Amashova cyclists

Anglo American

Anthony, S (Dr)

ApexHi Charitable trust

Argus cyclists

Arteiro, Kerryn (Ms)

Bacher, Ali (Dr)

Bastion graphics

Bauskin, Barbara (Mrs)

Birdsey Killmanjaro climb

BHP Billiton Development Trust

Bricker, HH

Bricker, Nadine (Ms)

Carl & Emily Fuchs Foundation

Chartwell Capital

Chase, Elizabeth (Ms)

City of Cape Town

Clewlow, W (Mr)

Clowes, Richard (Mr)

Coca Cola

Coldwell, David (Prof)

Cristea, Christina (Ms)

Cruikshanks, Dominic (Mr)

Dawson, Gillian (Mrs)

De Beers

Deneys Reitz Attorneys

DG Murray

Doit4charity individuals who ran events

Doit4charity donors who supported events

Dowsley, Jimmy (Mr)

Dulabh, Harshila Revjee (Ms)

Eliasov, Ariel Simon (Mr)

Ellis, GFR (Prof)

Elma Foundation

Eric Samson Foundation

Ernest Oppenheimer Trust

Eva, Catherine (Ms)

Fatsilidis, Penny (Cirrus health care)

Fedler, Carolyn (Dr)

First Rand / Momentum

Fisher, Catherine Anne (Ms)

Fisher, Jeffrey Barry (Mr)

Fitton, J (Ms)

Florence, Barbara (Ms)

Fridi, Rafik (Mr)

Galane, Lesiba (Ms)

Giant ear

Godson, Phillip (Mr)

Gundersen, R E (Mr)

Hamilton, HJ (Dr)

Heidrick and Struggles

Hollard Trust

Hurliman, Vanessa (Ms)

IBM South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Ilembe Technologies



ITEC Central

Jenkins, Zain (Mr)

Jewish Welfare Society

Jim Joel/Childwick Trust

Kopelwitz, Andy (Mr)

Krok Foundation

Lauf, Lynne (Ms)

Lauf, Sandra (Ms)


Lencar Exclusive Properties/Ms L Ferreira

Liberty Life Educational Foundation

Magugu, Pumla (Ms)

Martin, David China (Mr)

Mary Slack and Daughters Foundation

McCallum, Sheila (Ms)

Momentum / First Rand

Monk, Jean Ann (Ms)

Moodley, S (Ms)

Mowbray, Niki (Ms)

Myschool supporters


Nash, RE (Mr)

Naude, Ananda (Ms)

Nayagar, Vassie (Mrs)

Nedbank local heroes

Nelson Mandela Children's Fund

Nicarela Charity

Outlook Appointments

Old Mutual

Owen, Peter (Prof)

PIC Solutions

Pillay, Sandra (Mrs)

Pick ‘n Pay

Postma, Niven (Mrs)


RB Haggart Trust

Red Cap Foundation

Remarkable world philanthropy

Ridge School

Rogers, Katherine (Ms)

Rotary Foundation

Ruth and Anita Wise trust

Rynberg, Diana (Ms)

SAA Audiologists

Schlemmer, Kurt (Mr)

Seekola, Gabriella (Ms)

Social Development Gauteng

Social Development Western Cape

Stella & Paul Loewenstein

Stephen, Jennifer (Mrs)

Storbeck, Claudine (Prof)

TIB and Tuttle, Mark (Mr)

Touchline Media

Toyota / Albert Wessels Trust

Turner, Jillian (Ms)

Turner, JM (Ms)

Van Niekerk, Sandra (Ms)

Versa Investments


Wartenweiller Trust

Weisz, Lynn (Ms)

White, Cheryl (Ms)

Widmonte, Julie (Mrs)

Wilson, FAH (Prof)

Wispeco Aluminium

Yoshinaga-Itano, Christina (Prof)

Young, Alys (Prof)

Zille, Helen (Ms)



You make miracles possible.
Thank you!



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